Disneyland — Disney100

In celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, Disneyland unveiled the "What If" campaign, which delved into the power of wonder and the driving force of curious minds throughout Disney’s history.

What if elephants could fly? What if toys had secret lives? What if I could go deep into the sea and to outer space in one day? 

By leveraging the impact of Disney’s stories and innovative spirit, this centennial celebration not only paid tribute to the brand’s legacy but also promised another magical century ahead. 

Invite Spot:

This teaser video brings us back to the wonder we’ve all experienced when looking at a starry night sky. The scale of the universe suddenly prompts our imagination to run free and conjure up our wildest dreams. 


Launch Spot:

100 years of wonder deserve a celebration just as big. For the launch spot we experience a day at the park led by the same curiosity that brought the park to life in the first place. 

Campaign extensions: 

Agency: Yellow Shoes
CD: Jackie Soldano
CD: Neph Trejo
Sr Creative / AD: Emilio Canton
Jr Creative / AD: Daniel Cohen
Jr Creative / CW: Eli Gee
Production / Film: Wes Lagattolla
Production / Photography: Jeff Clausen
Film Directors: Trent & Marlena Jaklitsch
Photographer: Caleb Kuhl

Emilio Canton © 2023