el pasito acá

This series is an exploration of what dance does to us and for us as humans. Dance is and has been a natural response to celebrating big events: births, calling the rain, proms, graduations, birthday parties, weddings, funerals, and other moments of community. It’s engrained in us — a ritual that shows our gratitude, respect and optimism for the human journey.  It’s also a profound form of self awareness. Regardless of skill, the act of dancing connects us deeply with our bodies and who we are culturally. I regard this form of projecting our identities outwards as a great act of acceptance and courage. In a world intoxicated by xenophobia, I find dancing to be the first step towards self acceptance, which then enables the acceptance of others.  

This exploration was born out of a project in which I was asked to design a mural that celebrated human diversity. Made for the people at the enso collaborative.  

mural design process: 

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