Google — Strider Bikes

Over the last three years, more than 3 million Americans have grown their businesses and careers with help from Grow with Google’s free training, tools and resources.
We were tasked with showing how these tools have helped people expand their businesses overseas by telling the story of Ryan McFarland and Strider Bikes.

As a bike enthusiast, Ryan McFarland couldn’t wait to share his love for riding with his two-year-old son. Instead of waiting for his son to grow old enough to use a traditional bike, Ryan invented a pedal-less bike that his toddler could ride immediately. He started Strider Bikes in 2007 and has since sold 2.5 million bikes worldwide, bringing joy to little riders in 78 countries. Today, international sales account for 60% of all Strider Bikes sold annually.

Role: Art Director
Agency: enso collaborative
CD: Tiago Pereira
EP: Jimmy Greenway

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